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Telehealth: the point of physicians and patients


Digitization is revitalizing the health sector, it is not only necessary but it is inevitable. Indeed, digitization results from the convergence of several needs and priorities at the level of market players, which are: governments and government agencies, national institutions and authorities, the community of healthcare professionals and scientists, the manufacturers in the sector, hospitals and health infrastructures and even patients.

According to the McKinsey study, attached to this post, it is interesting to learn that in the United States the behavior of a category of patients has changed with the COVID experience and the popularization of connected health objects, and they still prefer the convenience of digital engagement and virtual care options

This trend is disrupting the health market, it is leading manufacturers, among other things, to develop solutions that meet these needs, but above all it is leading healthcare professionals to reconsider the patient/telehealth/physicians relationship while being cautious.

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