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The 5T rules for an impactful pitch to investors

Dernière mise à jour : 20 nov. 2022


The funding process is vital in the development of any start-up. The obligatory passage of the pitch in front of investors is critical, it must allow investors to understand in a short time the key elements that will convince them and therefore for which they will invest. Conviction is based on three determining factors that the audience must feel:

Trust - Believes - Vision.

It will therefore be a question during this exercise of giving a clear vision of the positioning of the company/product, of highlighting the opportunities and the sustainability of growth, of the competitive barriers of technological innovations and finally understanding of the development needs.

One of the best way to present is to start from the evaluation criteria that investors use: the rule of the 5T. By using this method you will be able to very quickly meet the expectations of the audience and achieve your objectives.

In this post we suggest you review the 5T rules in the context of the Medtech market.

We hope this will be very useful to you.

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